Billy Ray Cyrus – Page Four

Seriously, Karen, you should have seen that ghost. There’s no way you didn’t. Or all that fog that just suddeny dissapeared? You didn’t catch any of it?!?!
Stop worrying about Gary and worry about yourself, you have serious vision issues.
Oh, and of course that’s Billy Ray coming in to save the day.
Yelling as loud as he can so everyone pays attention to him approaching.
What’s Gary “Whoops”ing about? He didn’t do anything. It was Billy Ray that galloped full speed at these kids/full grown adults and stopped as late as possible.
He’s proud of his horse though. A great sliding stop right up into these guys’ faces. Eat horse dust you losers.
Oh and his vest is purple now.
Of course it is.
Look at her face. That’s pure exstacy. Has anyone, ever, been that excited to see Billy Ray Cyrus?
Billy Ray overheard their conversation? He heard two people talking and rode over to save the day? That’s Billy Ray for you. Has a very low threshold to justify his involvment in other people’s personal affairs.
Also, he looks more and more like the fucking Witcher in every panel.
That’s right Gary, it’s MR.CYRUS to you.
Karen is quick to point out that they’re no longer dating. When did that happen? Does Gary not realize they broke up? Or did she JUST break up with him, as of that sentence?
Billy Ray says “Uh oh!” you know, what anyone normal would say in a similar situation when two strangers tell you about their relationship issues? Or maybe he means “uh oh! I’m not going to be able to stop myself from sexing up these teens!”
His hair is also down to the small of his back. Will it stay there, conistantley? I doubt it.
He was not fucking wearing those gloves before, was he?!?! Did he just put them on? Are they his “thinking gloves” for when he begins to talk about American history?
Of course he knows the history behind this fort. He’s Billy Ray Cyrus.
Don’t even think about it.

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