Billy Ray Cyrus – Page Three

Oh yeah, it was a ghost. A giant white cherokee indian ghost. Neat. He’s just hanging out there with his eyes closed. Just chilling out, and then Gary comes up and starts screaming like an idiot.
The slow woman he’s with finally gets there just in time to see whatever is happening here in the second panel.
So is it now really clear that it’s just some guy pretending to be a mist-ghost? Or is this another colouring issue?
Maybe it’s some kind of human statue busking situation that’s going on. He’s just a street performer trying to earn a living!
Karen is at least 26, and she is terrible.
She’s really getting on Gary’s case. “Why did you yell Gary? You look awful Gary!”
Give him a break, he just saw saw a native american, and it super-freaked him out. Gary’s only ever been around white people, he’s experienceing shock.
Karen doesn’t buy his shit. Look at that panel of her. She’s super incredulous that there was an indian. They’re extinct! Her face is collapsing in on itself.
So this is establishing that Gary is a liar and has a background of lies.
Why is Karen still putting up with him, agreeing to secluded bike trips?
Oh, wait, where’s her bike?
Is that why she was so far behind? Only Gary had a bike and she ran the whole way? I’d be pissed off too.
Gary proobably told her there would be two bikes.
Just another one of his lies.

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