Billy Ray Cyrus – Page Two

Page 2
What a jump over that log! Roam has cleared the entire river and the surrounding landscape, landing on a flat, sandy area. The jump was also powerful enough to change Billy Ray’s shirt into an open vest.
What is he trying to say to the horse here? I tried to look up the phrase “Got the wind in your nose” and all I found was “Milk Coming Our Of My Baby’s Nose!” on
Nothing’s really happening in any of these panels. Billy Ray Cyrus is just shittily riding a horse.
And what a horse! This panel makes Roam look like a space monster.
I also like how Billy Ray is offering advice to the horse, like it’s optional. No, YOU have to watch the horse’s footing. Don’t dump responsibility onto him. He’s only in charge of mega jumps.
“That’s a heavy mist out there” is probably the best catchphrase for an action hero I’ve ever heard. Look at how steely eyed and determined he is saying it. Like he has a history with heavy mists. Oh yeah, they go way back. He’s seen some mists in his day, let me tell you.
Yeah, of course there’s some dickbag kid in this comic. How else would the youth of 1995 be able to relate to a story about country music sensation Billy Ray Cyrus fighting ghosts?
So he’s with some idiot named Karen, and they got too far apart in the mist. Thick, purple, eye level mist. The kind that’s perfect for getting far apart in.
So the kid brought Karen to the “ruins of this old fort.” What a charmer. I wouldn’t have gone with him, Karen.
How are they that far apart that he can’t even see her? Why was he going so fast? To beat the afternoon rush at the old fort?
She’s not there though, so who is he talking to, his bike?
Looks like we’re setting up a classic enemy – the cherokee indian spirits, they’re always a troublesome bunch.
Oh no, looks like this idiot kid sees something behind the mist and it’s scared him so much he’s developed a stutter. Will it be some kind of ghost? Some kind of cherokee indian ghost?
Who cares.

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