Billy Ray Cyrus – Page One

WOW! straight into the action with a dynamic shot of a goblin riding a horse. Oh, wait, no, it’s Billy Ray Cyrus.
 Screenshot 2014-02-09 19.44.03
That face isn’t even close to what he really looks like. I guess because this comic is a piece of shit. That’s my guess as to why they couldn’t even draw him correctly on the first page.
Why is he dressed like he’s a level one Skyrim character?
I’ll be honest, I have no idea what Billy Ray Cyrus was wearing in 1995, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a gold medallion chain with matching bracelet with a buckskin sleeveless jacket and PURPLE cowboy boots. Prove me wrong though. I would be in heaven if this outfit is correct. I’m sure the continuity is tight here.
His hair is insane. It doesn’t look like a mullet, it looks like his horse’s tail, but in brunette.
He has gloves on. No sleeves, but gloves. Makes sense.
Look at his hand though, he’s only holding the bridle with his index finger. Is that normal horse riding technique? And also to extend you pinkie so that you can tickle your horse’s neck?
The horse is nicely drawn. I’ll assume that his mane isn’t held up due to the jump he’s making but because Billy Ray styles all his horses’ hair with Dippity Doo.
Where is he riding? In the river? Isn’t that really dangerous for Roam (the horse’s name is Roam)?
Billy Ray Cyrus doesn’t give a fuck about broken horse ankles. He’s making enough money he can just buy a new horse to river jump with.
There’s also a lot of flowers everywhere. This must be one of those flower forests that totally exist. You know, a forest that has some trees and some flowers and that’s it.
What dialogue! He’s having a full conversation with the horse, mid-jump.
Why is only “Makin’” contracted? He says “Riding” without dropping the “G.” Is he badly faking an accent while he’s on that horse?
There’s something about the way he’s talking to Roam that makes me really uncomfortable. Maybe it’s all those ellipses that I read with long, awkward pauses. Like in-between them he’s leaving room for Roam to reply.
Maybe Roam can talk though.
This is only page one.
It’s great that Billy Ray gives a shout out to how much he loves his fans and touring for them. If he didn’t say that I would have assumed he was a greedy asshole that only cared about money.
He also calls this “the trail.” Is this a colouring issue, maybe? The water was supposed to be sand? Prob not. He’s just an idiot. And this comic is garbage.
I don’t like how the word “love” is bolded in his last speech bubble. Bolded words denote emphasis in comics. How you read that word pronounced can really alter his intentions.
Try to read it out loud to yourself a few time, switching up the initiation on “love.”
I like to read the whole thing really sarcastically.
That text at the bottom is awful. It looks like it was made in Microsoft Word.
This comic sucks. Why am I doing this? I’m on page 3 of 50. Fuck me.

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